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WAKOL D3055 universaalne dispersioon primer

WAKOL D 3055 Universal Dispersion Primer Parquet
Technical Information
Area of application
Ready-to-use dispersion-based primer for priming absorbant
• cement screed
• calcium sulphate screed
• gypsum fibre boards
before subsequent leveling parquet with Wakol parquet adhesives indoors.
Special properties
1) 2)
• solvent-free according to TRGS 610

• suitable for underfloor heating
• suitable for wheelchairs
1) Based on the criteria of GEV (Association for Emission-controlled Laying Materials), classified as EMICODE EC1 PLUS:
very low in emissions
2) Emission class according to French law
Technical data
Raw material base: Polyurethane dispersion
Drying time: on cement screeds following visible drying, approx. 30
on calcium sulphate screeds and gypsum fibre boards
after approx. 2 hours
Cleaning agent: water, before primer dries
Storage time: 12 months at room temperature
Storage temperature: not under +5 °C, sensitive to frost
Application and consumption

WAKOL Primer roller, short-haired
velour or foam roller approx. 100 – 150 g/m²
3) Consumption is dependent on surface structure and absorbability of subfloor
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F31TBGB, R6, 06/02/2017
The subfloor and the climatic conditions of the room must meet the requirements of DIN EN
18356. Subfloors must be permanently dry, solid, and free from cracks, dirt and adhesioninhibiting
substances. Use a suitable mechanical procedure to remove separating layers.
Mechanically pretreat and thoroughly vacuum-clean calcium-sulphate-based screeds
according to manufacturer’s specifications or according to the currently applicable standards
and codes.
Shake primer well before using. Apply WAKOL D 3055 Universal Dispersion Primer Parquet
with WAKOL Primer Roller, velour or foam roller on the subfloor, avoiding puddle formation.
Wait until the primer has completely dried before continuing with bonding; pay careful
attention to drying times.
Do not use at temperatures below +15 °C. WAKOL D 3055 Universal Dispersion Primer
Parquet in cold weather, warm up in due time in heated room. All information is based on
approx. 20 °C and 65 % relative air humidity.
Please follow the recommendation for each parquet adhesive.
Do not use WAKOL D 3055 Universal Dispersion Primer Parquet under levelling compound.
Excluded from this are partial fillings with WAKOL Z 640 Filling Compound, WAKOL Z 645
Filling Compound or WAKOL Z 505 Repair Compound, fine.
We guarantee the uniform high quality of our products. All data is based on tests and many
years of practical experience and refers to standardised conditions. The variety of materials
used and the different construction site conditions, which lie beyond our control, preclude any
claims based on this data. We therefore recommend making sufficient trials. Accompanying
flooring manufacturer’s instructions and the currently applicable codes must be observed. We
gladly provide technical advice.
The product data sheets can be found in their latest version at www.wakol.com.
This Technical Information of 06.02.2017 supersedes all previous versions.